Tamara Waldmann
change management

Change management: how to implement a new initiative in your company

Planning a New Change or Initiative in the Organization? You Might Need to Implement a Change Management Plan First.

Judging by the number of companies gone kaput because of their failure (or fear) to change, we can safely conclude that change is inevitable. Any resistance to it will eventually cause the demise of an organization. But for any change to be successful at all, there needs to be a strong change management process in place.

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SME digital transformation

How Digital Transformation Can Help SMEs Become an Everyday Brand

The story of AliBaba never gets old.

Nah, not the Arabian Nights one.

The Jack Ma one. The fastest-growing e-commerce store one.

What started as an experiment in a room of friends has become the world’s largest online store.

While AliBaba is not exactly the story of ‘digital transformation,’ it is the story of a small business that became a global leader through the implementation of technology. Jack Ma, the founder of AliBaba had not touched the computer until 1995. He had not known the potential of the internet until he had a friend set up a webpage for him. Jack Ma, a teacher at a university became the world’s richest man, the owner of the largest eCommerce group simply because he had realized the potential of the internet and digital technology.

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Digital transformation 2019 here's what you need to know

It is 2019… Digital Transformation is the Call of the Day

It’s 2019.

It’s the age of robots. Of self-driving cars and smart homes. Of booking a plot on Mars!

Did I exaggerate a bit too much there? Probably. But take a closer look around you. Notice how we are completely dependent on technology for performing some of our most basic tasks? We have robots cleaning our floors, we have self-driving cars roaming our streets and, yea, there are companies selling land on Mars!

It may seem dramatic, but the fact is we are living in a technological age that demands businesses as well as individuals to keep up with the Zuckerbergs and the Musks if they want to be successful.

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